John Cardillo is a Powerful CEO and a Physically Fit Leader

John Cardillo, CEO of Premier Fitness, was not always the pinnacle of physical fitness he is
today. As a child Cardillo was relatively small for his age, and through body building John Cardillo was able to sculpt the body of an athlete and develop the mind of a leader. Today a powerful
and successful CEO of a fitness company John strives to share his secrets and help people to
empower themselves physically and mentally through healthy active lifestyles.

Cardillo was much smaller than other kids in his hometown of St. Catherines, Ontario, and at the
age of fourteen he only weighed around 120 pounds.John Cardillo was never really interested
in the traditional team sports he was exposed to at school but quickly found his passion in

Cardillo cites actor and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger as a major influence in his
life. He wanted to work to become fit and strong just like Schwarzenegger. John Cardillo even
had the honor and privilege of training with him on a number of occasions in the late 1970s.
Cardillo cites Schwarzenegger's desire to work towards the best body that one could naturally get
as a source of inspiration in his work.

Over time John Cardillo learned that the perfect body he desired came with not only weightlifting
and strength training alone but also with a healthy diet. John Cardillo ate a clean healthy diet that included
foods that helped him to build the lean muscle he so strongly desired. When he was sixteen his
body looked much different from what it was when he was fourteen, weighing in at 220 pounds of
pure lean muscle.

Over the years Cardillo has competed in a number of bodybuilding competitions, and at
sixteen he won his first ever bodybuilding competition. At eighteen John Cardillo opened his first gym
as the Senior Ontario Bodybuilding Championship.

Today John Cardillo weighs in at a healthy 190 pounds and attributes his great physique to a
healthy active lifestyle with daily workouts and a clean diet. Cardillo has dedicated his life to
encouraging people to reach their natural physical potentials at his Premier Fitness locations.


  1. Your video is NOT John Cardillo the bodybuilder. And it's St. Catharines. My parents built his gym on Page Street, I've known him since I was 6. This video is NOT John Cardillo.


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